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Partnership and Projects

Pamela has a long-standing association with North Runnymede Learning Partnership, Surrey, with whom she developed an externally-funded two-year programme on using drama  to promote writing. In association with the literacy coordinators from the 11 primary schools involved, she developed 6-week units of work for all age groups from Year R to Year 6 (4 – 11 years) and delivered staff training to support teachers in implementing them.

After an interval, she is now engaged in a new programme developing a six-week unit for Key Stage 2 on inclusivity, resilience and perseverance. She will deliver the first two lessons in one school, observed by KS2 teachers from the partnership schools and then work with them over three twilight sessions to support them in delivering the scheme themselves and in creating their own schemes.

In between these two programmes, she has completed six-year Runnymede programme designed to use drama in developing the social and communication skills and self-esteem of so-called ‘invisible children’ in KS1 and KS2.

What the children say:

  • I only liked acting and drama a little bit before, but now I like it a lot – Year 4
  • I listen more to what teachers are saying and think about it more – Year 2
  • I’ve learnt not to be too shy – Year 4
  • I have learnt about how to talk with lots of people – Year 1
  • I could do the drama without feeling shy about it Year 2
  • I felt confident to sing in church with some of my friends. I remembered the words – Year 2
  • Got my confidence higher. Can now project my voice – Year 4
  • Now I’m good at talking – Year 1
  • I asked if I could speak in church during the Easter service – Year 2
  • It has made me more confident; I have become more involved in class assemblies – two weeks ago I was the narrator! I now feel confident to play more games. I have played with a few different people recently. I have enjoyed the drama sessions – Year 4

What the teachers say:

  • Seems to have grown in self-confidence and has been more willing to talk to me, including initiating conversation (something I’d never known him to do before).
  • Seems to have matured in his attitudes
  • Has gained the confidence to speak in a class assembly play and is chatting more to the adults and peers in the classroom
  • Puts his hand up in class more often
  • Seems less stressed and more able to take constructive criticism
  • Has had speaking parts in assembly. Will ask for help if he needs support. More understanding in conversations
  • Now willingly expands his sentences which has vastly improved his communication skills
  • Volunteered to speak during our Easter service. He is more focused and is more willing to join in by asking and answering questions
  • Listens more carefully and is very keen to join in discussions. Sang with a small group of children during the Easter service
  • Has become confident and will stand up in front of the class and speak confidently and coherently. She uses a good range of words and speaks with complete sentences

What the parents say:

  • Able to handle his emotions better, less easily upset
  • Thank you for the opportunity and I know he won’t forget the experience
  • Realises he can do things even if it makes you feel nervous
  • He has loved it! So much that I have booked him into a Saturday drama club
  • He reminds himself that he shouldn’t get nervous and he does feel a lot more confident when given a task. He seems to rationalise a lot more, which he didn’t before – ie think before he acts
  • More willing to speak about his day and what activities he had been doing


Pamela is National Drama Consultant with D4LC – Drama for Learning and Creativity; the highly successful national school improvement partnership initiative between local authorities and National Drama.

Initially in partnership with Norfolk County Council Children’s Services, this now national and international initiative provides a framework of support:

  • for schools, local authorities,  Advanced Skills Drama teachers, Leading Drama Teachers, Theatre Educators and National Drama consultants, to work in sustained partnership;
  • to improve the drama teaching of both specialist and non-specialist drama teachers;
  • to work practically in classrooms alongside local and national drama specialists with your own class;
  • to carry out action research into the impact of drama as pedagogy (with the option of M-Learning accreditation)
  • to network with other teachers of Drama in the UK and internationally.



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If you would like to know more about the project please visit the D4LC website