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Teachersmichael anderson

Watching you teach the class was eye-opening. They all responded so well to the drama – even the ones who never say anything.
Yr 5 Teacher, Berkshire

The drama turned the daydreamers, worriers, and ‘I can’t do it’ kids into excited, enthusiastic and creative learners.
Yr 1 Teacher, Norfolk

It has been a pleasure to be involved with this project.
Literacy Co-ordinator, Surrey

The writing showed a level of empathy and detail we had not previously seen. The biggest bonus we found was that all the children were full of ideas about what to write and all we had to do was teach them the correct way to present them.
Primary Headteacher, Surrey


Doing drama is great. It’s like being in the other person’s shoes.
Kelly, 11

I like doing drama because it gives me something to write about.
Leigh, 8

I like doing drama because it makes my imagination work
Rashid, 6

Local Authority Advisers

Thank you for another very successful session. All feedback has been most enthusiastic.
Arts Adviser, England

Pamela Bowell is very much in tune with how children learn, and more specifically how they learn through drama. Her lessons are inspirational.
Local Authority Head of Arts Service, England

“An inspirational practitioner who is whole-heartedly committed to delivering the highest quality drama experiences that enrich the lives of all participants. She is an exemplary teacher, trainer and adviser, modelling excellence as she supports with patience, understanding and clear, focused guidance.” Local Authority Head of Arts Service

Workshop Participantsmain_maths

‘I’ve been a drama teacher for a long time and I have to say this is the best workshop I’ve ever been in.’
Key Stage 2/3 Drama Teacher, Yorkshire

I attended the conference yesterday and was really inspired by your workshop.
Thanks again for an excellent session.
Primary Head, Surrey

‘A superb course leader – great ideas, great energy!’
Middle School INSET Co-ordinator

Your workshop made me think and I like being made to think.
University Lecturer, New Zealand

A thought-provoking and valuable experience.
Key Stage 3 Drama Teacher

Collaborative Partners

‘Everybody in Turkey knows your work.  You’re a national institution, here.’
Chair, Contemporary Drama Association, Turkey

It’s been such a creative process.
Director, Arts and Sparks

Pamela Bowell has been an exceptional international partner on many successful educational projects over the years. She is a brilliant collaborator, a dedicated professional and an extremely articulate colleague who I value and respect a great deal.
University Professor, USA

Conference Delegates

‘A major international teacher, thinker and writer.’belarie
University Professor, Canada

An honest, knowledgeable and articulate speaker.
Conference Delegate, England

What you said really inspired me.
Conference Delegate, USA

I loved your workshop. You made process drama so clear for me.
Conference Delegate, Finland

I just wanted you to know how inspired, motivated and supported I felt throughout the whole conference.
Drama Curriculum Leader, UK

The conference was excellent – very stimulating and inspirational.
Student Teacher, Iceland


An excellent resource. A must for anyone interested in arts integration in the classroom!
Teaching Artist, MI, USA

A precious resource for teachers. Because they are writing from a depth and breadth of classroom experience, the authors are able to de-mystify the processes.
Secondary Teacher, Jamaica

It’s given me the confidence to try process drama in my classroom – and it works!
Primary Teacher, Durham, UK

StudentsDrama's great!

You’ve been a brilliant tutor. I will remember the TIE project for the rest of my days.
Graduating Student Teacher, Kingston University

I’ve learned so much about teaching drama from you. It’s been a wonderful experience.
Graduating Student, Bishop Grosseteste University

“When I think of my time at university, it’s always the great drama sessions we had with you that come to mind, first.”
Primary School Teacher, Leeds