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Beyond the UK, Pamela has a long and active international dimension to her work, including residencies, courses, conferences, research and collaborative projects, in Europe, North America and the Caribbean. She is committed to IDEA (International Drama/Theatre Education Association) and has also served on the Executive Committee of AITA/IATA (International Amateur Theatre Association), chairing the Standing Committee for Children and Youth.

Pamela has Honorary Life Membership of the Turkish drama teachers’ association, Society for Contemporary Drama.  She received this award in Ankara in recognition of her work there in supporting the development of drama in Turkish schools. She remains committed to the support of this vibrant and enthusiastic community of drama teachers.

At present, in addition to an on-going research and writing partnership with Brian Heap, she is involved with several international activities, including:

International Research Consultant: Stavanger University: Drama and Creative Learning Processes for Teaching Quality, Engaged Learning and improved Learning Outcomes.

Pamela is developing links with the Destination Arts Programme, in collaboration with colleagues from the Faculty of Education, York University, Toronto.

Pamela will also be contributing to a number of forthcoming international events. Click here for more information about Conferences  and Research.